Serving with Honour

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Welcome to Fearless Life Ministries


Our Mission & Mandate:

Isaiah 61:1 To bring the good news to the humble & afflicted, heal the wounds of the broken hearted, to proclaim the release to the captives (physically & spiritually) and to open their prison doors.

We equip you with the sword (The word of God), dress you in the armour (full armour of God), and send you out. 

Our hearts desire would be to save lives, bring healing where body, mind, souls, families have been shattered. 

We touch the untouchables, we go into places people fear to tread. Fearless Life Ministries, will remain the gatekeepers.

With each passing day I become more and more aware that Jesus Christ is coming and soon! We are living in the final hours. The world needs to hear about Jesus, we need Jesus! Now is the time to stand, to take our place, now is the time to preach the Gospel until every ear has heard. Go tell the world, make sure they have heard.

Evette Kruger - Founder 


Spread the Gospel. 

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