About the Ministry

Fearless Life Ministries is a non-profit organisation (NPC/NPO/PBO)

Fearless Life Ministries is a Street Outreach Ministry. We like to attend to every cry, assist where help is needed and change lives where God sends us.

Our hearts desire is to not say word, You need to see Jesus. Working on the streets has opened new elements that needed our attention. We realised how satan literally walks around like a roaring lion waiting to devour. Fearless Life has declared war on our drug infested streets. We have taken a stand against drugs, street prostitution and our girls being sold within the ring we find ourselves in.

We offer help and hope to the desperate cry. With each passing day we become more and more aware that Jesus Christ is coming and soon! We are living in the final hours. The world needs to hear about Jesus, we need Jesus! Now is the time to stand, to take our place, now is the time to preach the Gospel until every ear has heard.

“Our souls will never be FOR SALE”, not to drugs, not to prostitution, not to the streets

Ministry Outreach Projects

Street Ministry Outreaches

Our street ministry outreaches, assist us in building relationships with our people that find themselves on the streets and in very extreme conditions. Our ministry provides warm meals, food parcels and clothing from our clothing vault. Supplying these items help us connect and gain trust and so make it possible to assist, make an impact and change lives.

Community Feeding schemes

Our Community feeding schemes assist from the streets, the poor, to families that are struggling to put food on the table. Here we assist weekly with generous food parcels.

A fearless Vault

Generous donations of clothing, shoes, blankets, (anything and everything), baby clothes, non-perishable food items. This vault we have opened to extend help to everyone. Where we see a need we would like to provide, we will be your hands and feet.